3 Essential Tips for Newborn Sleep

3 Essential Tips for Newborn Sleep

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UpBring is here with 3 Essential Tips for Newborn Sleep!

Newborns are notorious for sleeping, just not in consolidated stretches like we'd like the too. Here are 3 crucial tips to know about your baby's newborn sleep.

1. Sleep Begets Sleep

The better your baby naps during the day, the better your baby will sleep at night.

AVOID keeping your baby up all day thinking they will get better night sleep, they will just get overtired and inconsolable.

Stick to appropriate wake times, follow baby's sleep cues, and offer a nap when baby is getting sleepy .

2. Ideal Sleep Environments For a Newborn

Babies like to sleep somewhere

  • DARK - use blackout curtains/shades to ensure rooms stay dark even during the daytime

  • COOL - The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping a babies room temperature anywhere between 68 - 72 F

  • NOT COMPLETELY SILENT - babies were used to a very loud womb with sounds of blood rushing and muffled conversations. Complete silence can be startling to them. A quiet sound machine can be helpful to add the element of white noise they were so used to. Make sure the sound machine isn't too loud as there have been reported incidents of harm to babies hearing from louder than normal noises.


3. Swaddle Safely

A lot of babies love to be swaddled, make sure they're safely sleeping:

  • NO LOOSE SWADDLES- A loose swaddling blanket that comes unwrapped, could cover your baby’s face and increase the risk of suffocation. Make sure there isn’t too much fabric with a swaddle.

  • KNOW WHEN TO STOP SWADDLING - stop swaddling when baby shows signs of rolling or by 2 months of age according to the AAP.

  • HIP HEALTHY SWADDLES - Practice "hip-healthy swaddling” - instead of bringing legs tightly together, find a swaddle that allows the baby’s legs to bend up and out.

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