9 - 12 Month Kit

9-12 months is a really exciting time! Your baby is becoming more independent and may even start showing signs of first steps! You can INTRODUCE STRAW CUPS to develop oral motor skills and start gently weaning off a bottle. Each cup has been chosen due to different drinking mechanics and oral skills. As your baby gets better at eating, you’ll increase to 3 meals and MORE SNACKS. We’ve included MORE ADVANCED UTENSILS to try and some snack cups (P.S. Babies love playing with these too.). 

* Please note that the group product image is a reference for what may be included in the kit. Please see the contents list and individual product images for specific brands and products that are included in the kit now. Products may change from time to time as we’re always working to give you the latest and greatest products.

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    Transitioning from Bottle to Cup

    • ThinkBaby Stainless Steel Straw Cup
    • Zoli Weighted Straw Cup
    • Take and Toss Plastic Straw Cups
    • Lolliland Cup

    More Solid Snacks

    • Stainless Steel Snack Cup
    • Collapsible Snack Cup

    More Independent Eating

    • EzPz Fork and Spoon Set
    • Take & Toss Toddler Flatware

    Cruising or Walking

    • No Slip Shoes (note: proper walking shoes should be fitted)

    Why are there several brands/types of products?

    Every baby is unique! The products in the kit are the common trial by error items, meaning parents have to try many brands of a certain product to find the perfect fit. When you’re exhausted and trying to care for your child, you won’t want to be searching online for the “best” XYZ. We’ve curated a selection of various items that are highly rated amongst real parents. You may even find that different products are used at different times. For example you may start with the sleep sack swaddle, but learn that your baby prefers to self soothe in an arms up swaddle. 

    How were these products chosen?

    All products have been chosen by our UpBring team and REAL parents like you. There is a purpose behind each item, and description are included inside of each kit to help you differentiate the purpose behind each product?

    Can I return products?

    The objective of UpBring is to provide new parents like you with a VARIETY of different brands and types of products so that you can TRY them with your own baby. For that reason, we don’t accept any returns since the model is intended for you to keep and try everything. 98% of the parents that we’ve spoken to enjoy trying the products and have reported they open and try almost everything.
    We hate to waste products, IF any products are unopened or unused we recommend you donate to a local donation center. UpBring will be bringing more solutions for this issue shortly.
    Any additional concerns, please email us at help@up-bring.com


    Every baby is unique. ALWAYS consult with a pediatrician before using products for milestones. Upbring is not liable for any misuse of product.

    How did you decide what milestones occur?

    We followed the AAP guidelines and research to correlate products with appropriate milestones.

    How do I gift this kit to a friend?

    It’s easy! Upon check out select the GIFT option, enter your friends address and make sure you give us their EMAIL. That way we can keep in touch to find out when their baby is born and send them their WELCOME HOME gift. We will send their kits accordingly.

    How is UpBring able to provide such a value for customers?

    Typical box stores and online retailers charge brands to be featured in their stores or on their sites to compensate for advertising and overhead costs. Our subscription model allows us to keep our overhead low and bring YOU the best prices. By consolidating products into one kit, you avoid various shipping costs and cut down on excessive packaging.

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