6 - 9 Month Kit

6-9 months, your baby is on the move! BABY PROOFING is unique to each family and household but this kit provides enough basics for you to explore. INTRODUCING CUP DRINKING at this stage can help your baby improve oral motor skills. You can also update your TOOTHBRUSHING routine to start forming good habits. Finally, we’ve provided some SUN SAFETY ESSENTIALS. Sunscreen is ONLY okay for babies 6 months and older according to AAP, but best to always limit your sun time.

* Please note that the group product image is a reference for what may be included in the kit. Please see the contents list and individual product images for specific brands and products that are included in the kit now. Products may change from time to time as we’re always working to give you the latest and greatest products.

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This kit includes:

4 Different Essential Baby Proofing Tools

  • Cabinet/Drawer Locks
  • Toilet Lock
  • Outlet Caps
  • Bath Spout Protector

3 Different Types of Toothbrushes

  • Finger toothbrush
  • Ergonomic Toothbrush
  • Grabease Double Sided Toothbrush

2 Beginner Cups

  • EzPz Tiny Cup (First Open Cup)
  • Honeybear Straw Cup (First Straw Cup)

3 Pairs of Grip Socks

Sun Fun

  • Think Baby Sunscreen
  • Blue Lizard Sunscreen
  • Sun Hat (6-12 month size)

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