Hi! I'm Lisa

Mom to Quinn, partner to Cam, and a first-time parent. When I was pregnant, I spent hours doing my registry; asking friends and researching all the products. I thought I had it all figured out.

And then I had a baby... We hit the ground running and had no clue that both my baby and I would have so many preferences. She wouldn't take the pacifier that they gave us at the hospital, she liked to be swaddled differently than the ones we bought, and I hated the smell of the wipes that we had bought in bulk. When the products we bought didn't work,

PANIC BUYING set in. Being a parent was stressful enough, the trial and error purchases didn't make sense to me!

What did I learn? That BOTH parents AND babies have preferences. The products we buy should reflect our relationship as a family. As I spoke to more and more parents they had the SAME issues.

UpBring eliminates the stress of PANIC BUYING and gives you a taste of the best products on the market so you can "try" and make educated purchases before you find your favorites and buy in bulk. ​
Our First Year Experience meets you where you're at in your parenting journey and guides you along the way with appropriate products. You can also purchase kits a-la-carte whenever you want. They make great gifts to new parents and to yourself.

I love getting to know new parents, shoot me a message at hello@up-bring.com so we can chat!