Cup and Straw Drinking

In the 6-9 month kit you will receive and OPEN CUP and a STRAW CUP.

OPEN CUP - you can start giving your baby an empty open cup to play with starting around 4 months. However the majority of "practice" may likely start around 6 months. To get your baby ready for cup drinking

  1. Make sure baby is seated upright and well supported
  2. Fill the cup with liquid (can be breast milk, formula, or water* per ped)
  3. Tilt cup to get the liquid to the lip of the cup
  4. Support baby's chin
  5. Bring cup to baby's bottom lip and let baby suckle
  6. Keep practicing

STRAW CUP - while you teach your baby to use a straw, continue to use the bottle for primary nutrition and hydration. The straw cup we've chosen is effective in teaching your baby how to extract the milk from a straw. Simply fill the bear with liquid, squeeze his belly and et your baby practice extracting liquid from the bear. Model straw drinking (show how you close your lips around the straw and drink.) Once your baby can efficiently and effectively extract liquid from the honeyber you can move to a straw cup such as the take and toss cup (in 9-12 month kit).