3 - 6 months, you've made it this far. There will be many more milestones popping up, and we're here to help you navigate them all! Teething may start, as the average range for teeth to start poking through is 4-7 months. Another BIG milestone, starting solids. These are product heavy milestones and our kits help you navigate the waters.

Kit Contents

  • 4 Different Teethers
    • Pretty Please Teethers - Freezer Beads Teether
    • Nuby Freeze-eaze
    • FreezerPop Teether - helps with teething pain and slowly introduces baby to first foods
    • Fresh Food Feeder - great from introducing new flavors and for teething
  • 3 Different First Spoon Sets
    • Ola Baby Spoon Set 
    • Num Num Gootensils
    • Grabease Utensils
  • 3 Different Brands & Types of Bibs
    • Mushie Silicone Bib
    • Long Sleeve Bib
    • Aden and Anais Teether Bib
  • No Slip Bowl 

    **Always consult with your pediatrician about introducing the above items into your child's life. UpBring is not liable for any product use during the above mentioned milestone.

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