Lisa and Quinn

Hi, I'm Lisa, mom to Quinn and first time parent. When i was pregnant i spent hours doing my registry; asking friends and researching all the products. thought I had it all figured out.

And then I had a baby. We hit the ground running and had no clue that both my baby and I would have so many preferences. She wouldn't take the pacifier that they gave us at the hospital, she liked to be swaddled differently than the ones we bought, and i hated the smell of the wipes that we had bought in bulk. When the products we bought didn't work, PANIC BUYING set in.Being a parent was stressful enough, the trial and error purchases didn't make sense to me!

What did I learn? That parents have preferences and babies has preferences. The products you buy should reflect on your relationship as a family. As I spoke to more and more parents they had the SAME issues. 

UpBring aims to eliminate the stress of PANIC BUYING and gives you a taste of the best products on the market so you can "try" and make and educated purchase when you buy in bulk.

​Our One Year Kit Experience is set to meet you where you're at in your parenting journey and guide you along the way with appropriate products. Not into subscriptions? That's okay, you can purchase kits a la carte whenever you want them. They make great gifts to new parents and to yourself.

I love getting to know new parents, shoot me a message at so we can chat!