How does the Worry-Free First Year Experience work?

The First Year experience is the ideal choice for new parents. Upon checkout we will ask a few simple questions, your names and baby’s due date. 
Your newborn kit will be delivered *6 WEEKS* before your due date, giving you enough time to prepare (newborn swaddles should be washed in baby safe detergent before using). 
Update us WHEN your baby is born. This way we have the most accurate information and can customize your experience the best we can for you.
When you UPDATE us with your baby’s NAME and BIRTHDAY we will send home a CUSTOM Welcome Home Gift!
**If we don’t hear from you 1 week after your due date we will reach out to you because we know things can get busy bringing home a new baby. 
All kits will be delivered 2 weeks BEFORE your baby’s next milestone.
After 1 year you will receive your 1 Year You Did It Surprise :)
**note: delivery times may vary if you placed your order after 6 weeks before your due date OR if you do not update us with your baby’s birthdate/adjusted age

How do I gift The Worry-Free First Year Experience to a friend?

It’s easy! Upon check out select the GIFT option, enter your friends address and make sure you give us their EMAIL. That way we can keep in touch to find out when their baby is born and send them their WELCOME HOME gift. We will send their kits accordingly.