The Worry Free First Year full-year experience is our commitment to all the new parents out there - we’ve got your back for an entire year. Here’s what you’ll get in our kits, all at the perfect time:

  • 0-3 Month Kit
  • Welcome Home Gift (exclusive to the full year product)
  • 3-6 Month Kit
  • 6-9 Month Kit
  • 9-12 Month Kit
  • 1-Year "You Did It" Gift (exclusive to the full year product)

0-3 Month Kit:  3 different brands of diapers, 3 different brands of wipes, 3 different brands/types of pacifiers, 3 different brands/types of swaddles (1 Sleep Sack, 1 Arms Up, 1 Soothing Blanket), 2 different brands of baby lotion

Welcome Home Gift:  Custom apparel with baby's name

3-6 Month Kit:  4 different brands/types of teethers, 3 different brands/types of the most popular spoons/utensils, 3 different bibs (1 silicone bib, 1 long sleeve bib, 1 teether bib), 1 no-slip bowl

6-9 Month Kit:  4 different essential baby proofing tools, 3 different toothbrushes (1 finger toothbrush, 1 ergonomic grip, 1 double sided), 2 beginner cups (1 open cup, 1 straw cup), 1 pair of grip socks, 2 brands of sunscreen, 1 sun hat

9-12 Month Kit:  4 different cups to transition from the bottle (1 stainless steel straw cup, 1 weighted straw cup with bite mechanism, 1 weighted straw cup with no valve, 1 traditional), 2 snack cups, 2 different brands of utensils, no slip booties (note proper walking shoes should be fitted)

1-Year "You Did It" Gift:  A surprise 1st year gift for BABY and YOU!